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The Law Offices of Gervase & Mintz has been assisting and advising clients throughout Long Island and New York since 2001. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our attorneys provide high quality and effective representation in Divorce, Separation, Family Law and Real Estate matters. This insures that your case will be handled as professionally, expeditiously and efficiently as possible.

Summary of Practice

  • Divorce Law - In the event your divorce is a contested matter, you will need an experienced divorce lawyer who will fight hard to protect your rights and those of your children. If you are faced with a spouse in court who wants nothing less than to impose upon you a bleak future of unrelenting and unconscionable monthly maintenance (alimony) and support payment, or you are faced with a partner who has forgotten the value of your services and your input into the marriage, then you will need a lawyer who is first and foremost trial ready.
  • Legal Separation - Depending upon your individual circumstances, you may find that a legal separation may better suit your needs than a divorce. A separation agreement is a legally binding contract that sets forth all of your rights, including but not limited to, support, custody, visitation, asset distribution and allocation of debt.
  • Child Custody & Child Support - Our office is experienced in handling child custody, visitation, co-parenting, joint legal custody, joint physical custody and relocation matters. New York Courts apply the “best interest of the child” standard as the guiding principle to be applied in deciding which parent the child shall reside with.
    Child Support is governed by the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA), which is a formula that establishes the presumptive amount of child support to be paid to the custodial parent.
  • Divorce Mediation - Our team works through all the issues you need to resolve so that the two of you can get through your divorce or separation without the need for court intervention.
  • Pre-Nuptual Agreements - Such agreements have existed for thousands of years in some form or another, particularly in European and Far Eastern cultures, where royal families have always made provisions for protecting their wealth.
  • Real Estate Law - Whether you are buying or selling a home (or both), it is extremely important that you assemble a team of experienced professionals to assist you. This team must include a real estate broker, licensed engineer or home inspector, mortgage professional, and real estate attorney.